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Malta Centre of Excellence in the Mediterranean

Published by The Daily Telegraph 

Malta’s historical journey has been exotic, eventful and long. Its history is bound up in a myriad of different battles with various nations and cultures. Over the years, these rulers and their occupations left their imprint and legacies, which make up the rich fabric of Malta’s cultural heritage. Freedom from foreign rule finally came in 1964 when the British granted Independence after their 150-year colonial stay. 

Full sovereignty was realised in 1974 when Malta was finally declared a Republic. Civilisations from the Ancient Greeks in 700 BC to the Phoenicians, Romans and successive powers have all recognised and leveraged Malta’s strategic geographic position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and North Africa. For a country scarce in natural resources, save its famous limestone, Malta has shown itself to be incredibly resilient and forward thinking.
Despite only being a democracy for less than half a century, Malta acceded to the EU in 2004 and…