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Focus on Abu Dhabi: Energy Sector 2014: A year of flourishing & transformative change:

Special Supplement: The Oil & Gas Journal 

Abu Dhabi remains a critical market for many of the world’s leading oil firms and the undisputed leviathan of the 7 trucial Emirate State’s that make up the UAE. With many longstanding closeout agreements reaching maturity this year the Emirate is set for a shake-up of its crucial hydrocarbons sector from 2014. As the government seeks out new partners for the development of their gargantuan oil & gas fields fresh opportunities will abound in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in mature fields whilst the Emirate has ambitious targets for Enhanced Oil Production and huge investment plans in their challenging sour gas reserves all providing new impetus. There is heightened interest amongst principal IOC’S looking to further penetrate this market as they seek to capitalise on increased investment in the sector with an official objective of raising crude production to more than 3.5 million barrels per day over the next decade. Thus presenting burgeon…