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Focus on Abu Dhabi: Energy Sector 2014: A year of flourishing & transformative change

Special Supplement: The Oil & Gas Journal 

Abu Dhabi remains a critical market for many of the world’s leading oil firms and the undisputed leviathan of the 7 trucial Emirate State’s that make up the UAE. 

With many longstanding closeout agreements reaching maturity this year the Emirate is set for a shake-up of its crucial hydrocarbons sector from 2014.
Yet the uncertainty surrounding the relicensing and restructuring of concessions is causing both excitement and trepidation in the industry which we shall be examining closely in our report as Abu Dhabi looks to ramp-up capacity in the coming years.
In a country holding fully 94% of the 97.8bn barrels of proven oil reserves in the UAE Abu Dhabi is the custodian of the seventh largest reserves globally and the seventh-largest producer in the World.
Our report will examine much of the current state-of-play after the expiration concession in 2014 as well as the ADMA-OPCO concession in 2018.
This will be both a pressing concern and one of t…